2021-2022 Executive Board


Message from the President:


I want to first address the question, WHY CSHP? As a pre-pharmacy student, I was under the impression that all pharmacists worked in the community. I really looked up to my sister who first started working in retail pharmacy at Walgreens. Little did I know that the field of pharmacy expanded far past this scope of practice. Thus, as a curious freshman in my pharmacy orientation class, amongst the long list of organizations, I learned about CSHP, California Society of Health-System Pharmacists. I wondered, what is a Health-System Pharmacist? From world health organization, health system is defined as quality service to all people, when and where they need them. Part of the long list of purposes for CSHP is to “advance professional practice, optimize patient outcomes, and improve the quality of patient care” These are things I wish to learn and accomplish within my years at University of the Pacific. This is the organization that I wanted to grow in and now its time for me to contribute back.

I hope to grow the biggest CSHP student chapter by building upon traditional events and creating new ones purposed for our own UOP student members. I hope that you and I won’t have to look up what a “health-system pharmacists” is anymore. Instead, we can be those to provide quality service to all people, when and where they need them.

cshp headshot - Klara Kim.jpg
President: Klara Kim 

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP-Pacific's Exec Board because I wanted to be a dynamic part of an organization that creates opportunities for students to learn more about health-system pharmacy and to help students become strong candidates for post-graduate opportunities such as residencies. As a first-year liaison, I really admired all of the hard work and dedication that the previous executive board put into all of our events despite the difficulties of online school. I wanted to continue to surround myself with like-minded and driven individuals who share similar goals and a mutual interest in clinical pharmacy as me.

Fun fact:

I put hot sauce on every savory meal I eat

Favorite pastime: Working out, watching TV shows, or going on Tik Tok.

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VP of Membership:
Vivian Le

Why CSHP: I wanted to learn more about health-system pharmacy and residency, but also wanted to work with a team that had similar interests and goals.

Fun fact: Anything potato related is my favorite thing to eat

Favorite pastime: In my free time, you'll see me at the gym!

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Treasurer: Ashly Nham

Why CSHP: I joined because I wanted to learn more about residencies. I thought it would be a perfect way for me to explore this field and network while working alongside a group of amazing board members. I am proud to be able to contribute to such an amazing organization!


Fun fact: I have a shiba inu named Nori (follow her @hello.nori) ☺️

Favorite pastime: Napping

IMG_1641 - Crop - Sean McNary.JPG
VP of Professional Affairs: Sean McNary

Why CSHP: I joined the CSHP-Pacific Exec Board to learn more about Health-System Pharmacy and Residency, and teach my fellow classmates about these important areas of pharmacy and education.

Fun Fact: I love sushi and sashimi, but otherwise don't enjoy eating much seafood.

Favorite pastime: I really enjoy running since it's a good way to exercise and clear your thoughts.

Central Valley Liaison: Crystal Wong

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP because I wanted to learn more about health-systems pharmacy and residency. I also find it really rewarding to work with other passionate individuals and hope to contribute my part to this organization.

Fun fact: I used to have a pet hamster called Toast.

Favorite pastime: I used to have a pet hamster called Toast.

20210720_190219 - In Sang Hwang.jpg
Legislative Chair/ SSEC Elect: Daniel In-Sang Hwang

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP because I saw this as a great opportunity to work with like-minded peers and learn how best to advocate for the pharmacy profession. I also hope to help others interested in residency like me, all the while expanding my network along the way.

Fun fact: I was a cellist for ~7 years but I know zero music theory and I'm pretty sure I've forgotten how to play.

Favorite pastime: I try to practice playing guitar in my free time, but I mostly end up wasting it watching Youtube videos and anime

1932338C-E538-4BE8-A9C5-95A7617A8712 - Yujin Song.jpeg
Secretary: Yujin Song

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP because I wanted to broaden my knowledge of residency. One part of this organization that attracted me was the many events and opportunities to network with healthcare pharmacists.

Fun fact: So far my longest nap has been 27 hours.

Favorite pastime: Watching horror movies, hanging out with friends, and eating dessert.

Technical Operations: Kristina Chiu

Why CSHP: I wanted to learn more about health-systems pharmacy and residencies while also connecting with like-minded individuals. Being able to network with various healthcare systems pharmacists and connect with student members is also really rewarding. I'm extremely grateful that I have the opportunity to contribute to this distinguished organization. 

Fun fact: I like eating pizza with honey.

Favorite past time: I like watching kdramas/netflix, getting boba with friends, and playing on my switch. 

218725543_312189620604029_1295804962505305205_n - Mimie Truong.jpg
Fundraising Chair: Mimie Truong 

Why CSHP: I wanted to join CSHP because I am interested in learning more about residency and I was also interested in being a part of an organization that is very active and impactful on campus.

Fun fact: I won a goldfish from one of those school fairs when I was in elementary school and kept it alive for a whole year. Its name was goldie.

Favorite pastime: I like cooking, playing games, and just spending time with friends. I also enjoy putting together custom mechanical keyboards as a hobby.

Meet our first-year liaisons


Victoria Lam 

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP because I want to be a part of like-minded and goal oriented individuals while learning more about health-system pharmacy and helping my peers gain professional experiences and access to a network of pharmacists.

Fun fact: I was born in England.

Favorite past time: I grow avocado plants from avocado pits!

Jaquelyn Huynh

Why CSHP: I joined CSHP because I wanted to learn more about health-system pharmacy and post-graduate opportunities, and I hope to share the knowledge I learn with others. I’m excited to be part of an organization that will not only push me to grow as a leader, but also as a pharmacy student.

Fun fact: My favorite food is hotpot and I once ate it for 2 weeks straight with my sister.

Favorite past time: Playing tennis, watching TV shows/Anime/Kdramas, or making rugs