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CSHP-SVC Mentorship Program

This is a good opportunity for you to get more individualized advice from an experienced pharmacist and to have someone you can always go to if you have any questions.

Basic Information:

  • Spots are limited.

  • You must be a member of CSHP-Pacific.

  • Duration of program begins from time of match until time of graduation unless otherwise stated.

  • We will coordinate and match you accordingly with pharmacists in the Sacramento area with your desired field(s) of interest and goals.

  • Mentors may provide advice and guidance on a flexible schedule: you may decide how often and when to meet up with your mentor.

  • This is a great opportunity on receiving personal insight on the different areas of pharmacy!

  • There will also be social events where you will be allowed to network with other student mentees and pharmacists.

  • Other events include: Mentorship Meet & Greet, Mentor Appreciation Dinner, Spring Picnic, etc.

We have already completed the selection process at this time. Please check back next year.

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